KG-Hub: A collection of biological and biomedical Knowledge Graphs, including their component data sources.

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  • KG-Hub Projects

    The table below lists active KG projects.

    Name Description Graph Source Code
    kg-obo KG-OBO: OBO ontologies into KGX TSV format. https://kghub.io/kg-obo/ https://github.com/Knowledge-Graph-Hub/kg-obo
    kg-idg KG-IDG: a Knowledge Graph for Illuminating the Druggable Genome. https://kghub.io/kg-idg/ https://github.com/Knowledge-Graph-Hub/kg-idg
    kg-covid-19 KG-COVID-19: a knowledge graph for COVID-19 and SARS-COV-2. https://kghub.io/kg-covid-19/ https://github.com/Knowledge-Graph-Hub/kg-covid-19
    kg-microbe KG-Microbe: a knowledge graph for microbial traits. https://kghub.io/kg-microbe/ https://github.com/Knowledge-Graph-Hub/kg-microbe
    eco-kg eco-KG: a knowledge graph of plant traits starting with Planteome and EOL TraitBank. https://kghub.io/eco-kg/ https://github.com/Knowledge-Graph-Hub/eco-kg
    monarch Graph representation of the Monarch Initiative knowledge resource. https://kghub.io/kg-monarch/ https://github.com/monarch-initiative
    kg-phenio Graph representation of Monarch ontologies. https://kghub.io/kg-phenio/ https://github.com/Knowledge-Graph-Hub/kg-phenio
    sldb A graph of synthetic lethal interactions. https://kghub.io/sldb/ https://github.com/monarch-initiative/SLDBGen
    rna-kg A graph integrating knowledge about human RNAs. A preprint describing this project is [here](https://arxiv.org/abs/2312.00183) https://github.com/AnacletoLAB/RNA-KG https://github.com/AnacletoLAB/RNA-KG
    kg-enp Experimental natural products knowledge graph. https://enpkg.commons-lab.org/ https://github.com/AnacletoLAB/RNA-KG
    KG-Hub is brought to you by Berkeley Bioinformatics Open-source Projects (BBOP), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.