The purpose of Knowledge Graph Hub (KG Hub) is to provide a platform for building knowledge graphs (KGs) by adopting a set of guidelines and design principles.

The goal of KG Hub is to serve as a collective resource to simplify the process of generating biological and biomedical KGs and thus reducing the barrier for entry to new participants.

In a KG Hub, each independent effort for building a KG is an instance of the KG Hub.

For example, KG-COVID-19, a light-weight ETL framework for building a COVID-19 KG, is an instance of KG Hub.

Design principles

  • Each instance of KG Hub,
    • should live in its own GitHub repository within the Knowledge-Graph-Hub organization.
    • should have code and/or configurations for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) and must be reproducible.
    • should do their best to model their data using the Biolink Model, where possible.
    • should make use of ontologies from the OBOFoundry, where possible.
    • should be responsible for the veracity of the datasets that they ingest and are responsible for keeping track of evidence and provenance for assertions in their KG.
    • should provide their KG for download and must follow semantic versioning guidelines.
    • should provide their KG in the KGX interchange format in addition to their format of choice.
    • must have a License, Contributing guidelines, Code of Conduct, and be open to the community for contributions as well as consumption.
  • Optionally, each instance of a KG Hub can also provide,
    • a Docker image such that their code can be run easily as a container.

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